Election day, ci siamo!

Riporto qui un pezzo della fiduciosa mail che ho ricevuto ora dall'Arizona. Domani sera vogliamo darci appuntamento tutti alle nove e mezza ai DS di Trastevere (via masi 2) per condividere le palpitazioni tutti insieme? Incrociamo le dita!!!

But I wanted to let you know, before the votes are counted, that there is growing optimism in our ranks about the prospects for "wiping the smirk off the face of that man in the White House."  See for the latest "straws in the wind."

Chris and Mike Moffo have been working feverishly as adjuncts to the New Mexico campaign (they're headed today out to an Apache reservation near the Arizona border), but the Arizona campaign machine that Mike had set up is purring along in the hands of the locals.  They had registered 450,000 new voters -- and Bush only carried Arizona by 60,000 votes last time.  Chris in particular really wishes you could be here for the Finale.

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